About Us

About La Historia Museum

La Historia Historical Society Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1998 by residents of the El Monte & South El Monte communities.

Our organization aims to make lasting contributions to the cultural identity of Mexican American lives in El Monte & South El Monte by preserving the legacy of its communities. We are dedicated to sharing the stories that have shaped our community's identity through our artifact displays and community events. Our museum stands as a testament to El Monte's rich culture with a collection that focuses largely on visual media but which has begun capturing individual narratives through oral histories as well.

Through collaboration and community engagement, we strive to create a space that welcomes all to explore and honor El Monte/South El Monte's vibrant heritage.

In Memoriam

Robert "Vavi" Bautista

Ernie Salas

Chief of the Kizh Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians

Manuel Acero

Ernie Ravago

Vidal "Billy" Aguirre 

Connie Ochoa

Not Pictured:

Tino Beltran

Greg Gonzales

Ernie Gutierrez

Olga Gutierrez

Joe Rodriguez

Richard "Wicho" Perez

Maria Eugenia Rodriguez

Joe Torres

Henry "Batoon" Flores

Support Us 

We are a community based organization and your support drives our initiatives and missions. Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact on the history of Mexican Americans in El Monte and South El Monte and make a difference.