LHHSM Scholarship for High School Students:

The Jose Venegas/Fr. Coffield/David Aragon Gonzales Award 

We believe that preserving history through storytelling is important. We are happy to offer this scholarship opportunity to EMUHSD high schools and the Rio Hondo Preparatory School. 

You must be graduating in 2024 to apply.

2022 Winners

Pictured above: Emily Tang  & Maya Salcedo (Arroyo High School)

South El Monte High School

Steve Vazquez (1st place)Jannette Miranda (2nd place)Keila Beneitez (3rd place)

El Monte High School

Eriko Vong (1st place)Ayumi Tran (2nd place)Yareli G. Garcia (3rd place)

Mountain View High School

Ximena Toxqui (1st place)Salma Lopez (2nd place)Vanessa H. Torres (3rd place)Isabel Fernández (4th place)

Rosemead High School

Gisselle Corona (1st place) Trish Le (2nd place)

Arroyo High School

Maya Salcedo (1st place) Emily Tang (2nd place)

Fernando R. Ledesma High School

Cassandra Bernal (1st place)