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Preserving the Barrios

La Historia Historical Society Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1998 by residents of the El Monte & South El Monte communities.

Our goal is to make lasting contributions to the cultural identity of Mexican American lives in El Monte & South El Monte by preserving the legacy of its communities. The museum’s archival collection focuses largely on visual media, and we have begun capturing individual narratives through oral histories as well. Join us in celebrating the vibrant heritage of the El Monte community by visiting our museum, attending our community events, or donating to our organization.

Featured Exhibit: Women of El Monte

The woman of El Monte, both past and present, have played a major role in shaping our community.

This exhibit focuses on the remarkable women who make up El Monte. Whether they were born here, migrated here, or worked here, they helped build this community, and we want to honor their legacy. 

Two women standing side-by-side with the La Historia logo behind them.

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