Women of El Monte/South El Monte

The woman of El Monte/South El Monte, both past and present, have played a major role in shaping our communites.

This exhibit focuses on the remarkable women who make up El Monte/South El Monte. Whether they were born here, migrated here, or worked here, they helped build these communities, and we want to honor their legacy. 

Have a story to share?

If you would like to share your story as a woman of El Monte/South El Monte, or the story of one of your ancestors, please email us at lahistoriasociety@gmail.com.  

My Three Dresses

Growing up, special moments are often tied to the garments we wear.

My Three Dresses is an exhibit about El Monte/South El Monte women’s coming-of-age, represented by their quinceañera, prom, and wedding dresses. The stories, dresses, and artifacts in this collection invite community members to meet, discuss, and connect over stories, Mexican-American culture and fashion, and the history of these coming-of-age-rituals in the barrios. 

This exhibition will be displayed on September 23rd at the El Monte Community Center.

My First Car

Our first cars are often memorable milestones, representing a rite of passage and the culmination of our hard work.

This collection centers on the unique car culture of people living in El Monte/South El Monte. We are currently collecting stories (oral histories) of El Monte/South El Monte residents about their first cars as well as photographs. 

Have photos of your first car?

If you are interested in participating in this upcoming exhibit, please fill out our archival material donation form.

Archival Collection

Beyond our exhibits, our archival collection showcases and preserves El Monte/South El Monte's numerous stories. We invite you to visit us to see our collection of photographs and more in-person.